Monday, March 12, 2012

Bed Scarf?

What in the world is a bed scarf? This is the question I asked my husband a few weeks ago when an Etsy customer emailed me to ask if I could make her one. A quick google search turned up this explanation. According to The Linen Gallery Blog: "In an industry that really doesn’t change all that much, there is a new way to “dress your bed”. Bed Scarves are all the newest rage and really began in the hospitality industry, with hotels probably being the biggest users. A bed scarf is just that — a two foot by 8 foot piece of fabric or a knit throw that is meant to go at the foot of the bed. It is suppose to be functional in that it protects the bedding when someone lays down on top of it with shoes or puts a piece of luggage on it. But, many bed scarves are wonderful prints — adding a splash of color to an otherwise neutral bed."

Sweet! A quilt that is super narrow is perfect! Fun to piece together yet easy to quilt because it is narrow and won't bunch up in the machine. I quickly told the customer yes and we hashed out all the details. Now it is finished and I couldn't be more pleased. Here you go!

So what do you think? I am thinking a bed scarf may be in our future too. It would be fun to have one for the holidays and different seasons don't you think?