Monday, January 27, 2014

Let's talk snacks

I wanted to take a minute to share this new snack I found for my kids (and me too).  My girls are super skinny and I am always trying to find ways to get more protein and vitamins into their diet.  Recently, I began buying the Special K protein bars to put in their backpacks for snack time.  With 4 grams of protein, I felt this was a good step up from the Cascadian granola bars I purchased previously. 

Then something wonderful happened, through, I got to try the new Fiber One Protein bars.  First of all, they are way larger than the Special K kind.  Perfect for the afternoon munchies that hit my kids.


Then you just have to take a look at the nutritional content to believe the rest.  This is a picture of the nutritional content from the two bars that are generally the same flavor (peanut and chocolate).  Check out the difference!
It may be difficult to see so let me lay this out for you...
Protein- SK 4g, FO 10g
Fiber- SK 4g, FO 9g
Calcium- SK 2%, FO 20%
Vitamin C- SK 0%, FO 20%
Sugar- SK 7g, FO 6g

And there is even more.  Fiber One is higher in every single vitamin and mineral.  The best part is, my family LOVES them.  The taste is wonderful.  I can't wait to try the other varieties.  I know that we have found a new staple in our house.