Sunday, May 27, 2012

West Chester Art Market

Hi folks!  It's been a while.  I thought I would briefly show off what's been going on in my world a bit.  This weekend I had the pleasure of joining forces with one of my local Etsy friends to do a craft show.  This one was a little different because half of it is a farmers market (yummy!) and the other half was an art market.  My partner is super-dooper pregnant so this show was perfect for us since it's close and only a half day.   As you know I sell sewn items, a lot of which are for babies and kids.  Combining with Lindsay from LuluFitzgerald was a great match.  She makes hand puppets and bow ties for little boys and they are SO cute!

So, here is a quick peak at our set up.  It was a first time for us working together so it took some juggling to figure out where everything was going to fit.

Here is my half of the booth.  She had a table across from this that had large bins of all of her bow ties.
We both have these great racks that we got when local shops went out of business.  The first has all my baby products on it.  This used to take up an entire table.  I love the way people can shop from both sides.  The next rack is hers and has all of her puppets on one side and some crocheted blankets on the other side.  It is so easy for people to see all the great puppets that are available.
Close up of my bibs.  Don't they look great?  I really like they way they face out so people see them as they are walking by.  Coordinating burp cloths are right under them on a little hanging shelf.
These pacifier clips were hanging just above the bibs.  These have actually been quite popular with retail shops.  I will soon be selling these in a store in northern Ohio and one in Australia.  That's another blog post :-)
I just started selling these fabric buntings and I was not sure how to display them at a show.  Turns out they make a perfect backdrop.  The back wall of the tent kept the sun out and the flags made our booth really stand out.

So the show started off pretty slow but picked up nicely about half way through.  We are doing another one in two weeks so wish us luck!